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Here are some of the most popular questions and answers related to hosting.

Hosting: Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Web Hosting!

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions new clients tend to ask when they hire us to host their website. Feel free to email us for more information.

How does your hosting service work?
We offer a unique web hosting service that includes monthly maintenance (up to 30MIN). You can depend on us to upload new pictures, add content, and troubleshoot technical issues when you report them. You can send in your changes anytime via email, or by using our client portal.
How do we contact you about our existing service?
Email is the best way to get in touch with us! In order to maximize our time, we ask that you refrain from calling our office (please email us instead).
How do we send in our changes?
Feel free to contact us via email or through myHC (our client portal).
How should larger files be provided?
While pictures, text documents, and most other files may be sent to us via email, you may occasionally need to provide larger files (such as video). This is done easily by burning a CD/DVD with your files and mailing them to our office. Please refer to our contact page for our mailing address.
How long have you guys been doing this?
We've been designing and hosting outdoor websites since 2008. We currently host hundreds of websites for hunting outfitters, fishing guides and other outdoor companies.
Do your plans include search engine optimization?
We offer ongoing search engine optimization as an add-on service called OutSEO.
What are the limitations of your website maintenance service?
Our maintenance service is designed to help keep your website current with new pictures, rates, and other content which might need to be changed from time to time; these type of requests are all included. Other requests which require us to redesign or restructure parts of your site are generally not included, and may be billed separately at our standard hourly rate ($55/hr). Please see our Terms of Service for more info.
Does your maintenance service rollover from month to month?
No. Each month you'll have up to 30MIN of maintenance available for use (even if you didn't send in any requests the previous month).
How long will we have to wait for changes?
Most requests are resolved within 2-3 business days. We'll let you know if this is not possible.
Are there any hidden fees?
No hidden fees. We like to keep things straightforward and honest. We'll provide you with an estimate whenever you submit a request that exceeds the 30MIN included with your hosting plan, so that you can decide whether to move forward or not.
How do we sign up for service?
Creating an account with us is easy! You can give us a call at 1 (541) 201-8991, or visit our client portal to sign up. Once you've created an account, a friendly staff member will call you to assist with the transfer of your website and to setup your new hosting plan.
How do we go about transferring our site over to you guys?
We'll work with you and your current host to help you transfer your website. In most cases, the transfer process takes just a few hours and is handled completely on our end. When we're done, we'll test the site thoroughly, to ensure that it runs smoothly.
How do we go about canceling service?
You're welcome to cancel your service at any time by sending us an email. Please remember that we have a strict NO REFUND POLICY (even if you cancel shortly after renewing your service). We invite you to take a look at our Terms of Service for more information.
Can you help us move our website to another host?
No, we do not offer any assistance when it comes to transferring your website, domain, or email service away from us. However, your new host should be able to handle all aspects of the transfer on your behalf, and obtain any login information they need from us.
What is your policy on spam and bulk emailing?
We have adopted a zero-tolerance spam policy and strictly forbid the sending of bulk email from our servers. If you need to send out newsletters or other forms of email in bulk, we ask that you do so through a third-party provider such as Mailchimp.
Do you have your own servers?
Yes, we own and maintain our own servers in-house. In fact, unlike many of our competitors, we don't rent out space on someone else's server; we own all of our machines, and have our own response team on call 24/7, ready to troubleshoot any issues that might come up.
What do your uptime/downtime stats look like?
Clients enjoy very minimal down time, in fact, virtually none at all. We perform occasional maintenance late at night (or in the wee hours of the morning), in order to keep our servers up to date.
We can't find an answer to our question. What now?
Please contact us via email so we can provide the info you need.


"Just wanted to thank you guys for the great work and support you have given us over the years. I have [received] many comments on how good our web site looks and complementing the rich color of all the hunting areas. We have had a record year this season which will close at the end of this month. Thanks to you and your staff for all you have done for us!"

- Ron "RJ" Allen
North Carolina, USA.

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