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Ready for Mobilegeddon?

Many of our clients are rushing to update their websites before the upcoming change in Google's ranking formula. Read on to learn why the imminent change has come to be known as "Mobilegeddon", and how it will affect your website rankings and traffic.

What is it?

On April 21st, Google will be making significant changes to the way they organize their search results.

Specifically, websites which are deemed to be "mobile friendly" will receive preferential treatment, and be shown above traditional "desktop" sites. Websites which have not been mobile optimized by the deadline are going to be penalized by the search giant, and will likely see a significant drop in traffic.

If your website gets most or all of its traffic from Google (the answer here's probably "yes"), then you're going to want to make sure that it's made mobile-friendly by April 21st.

Geting Mobile-Friendly

If your website doesn't meet Google's mobile requirements (click here for Google's mobile-friendly test), there are a few different ways to go about resolving the issue. We encourage all website owners to get in touch for a free quote and to discuss the different mobile optimization options available.

Most of the time we're able to upgrade existing websites so that they pass Google's mobile-friendly test. However, if your website is older you may wish to consider a complete redesign instead. We look forward to speaking with you about your project and tell you more about our mobile-friendly web design service.

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