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What Should a Website Cost in 2018?

We've been in business 10 years, and during that time, we've seen our fair share of industry trends come and go. We watched as websites became "mobile-friendly", and smartphones took over the world. During that time, we helped, in a small way, to shape many of the web standards and trends that are out there today. We've been around since the days when "custom" was all the rage, and no two sites were alike. Back when there was a learning curve to navigating each individual page, and you could never find your way back to the homepage.

Web design prices too have changed over the years, and there's been uncertainty as to what a website should cost, and what should be included with the price. There are web design agencies charging tens of thousands for a high-end website, while others charge a few thousand for a full "10 pager". We too have evolved, and have made changes to both our design process and rate sheet.

If you're looking to build a great site without the hefty design fee, we've got you covered. We have packages starting at just a few hundred bucks! Yes, you read that right. You could have a brand new, professionally-designed website for a tenth of what it would cost almost anywhere else. So what's the catch? Nothing, really. There are no term contracts, or shenanigans. All we ask is that you host your website with us, for as long as you choose to have it active. That's how we're able to keep our prices low. It's fair, and it makes sense.

We've even revised our workflow to speed up the design process, and keep things moving. Using our proprietary content management system, we're able to build sites fast, and with custom detail that can't be found in DIY templates (or quick-flip designs). It's easy to work with us; let us know what you're looking for, and in a jiffy, we'll personalize one of our designs to match your brand.

Our team of experts will get to work as soon as you submit your content; then in about 72hrs or less, you'll have a brand new, professionally-designed website ready to go. Our quick and easy design process is the product of years of experience in the field. We know our clients are interested in getting stuff done, and we are too.

And if you're worried about the quality of our work, worry not! All of our websites are responsive (beyond "mobile-friendly"), and come packed with the latest and greatest features in the industry. And when we launch your site, we'll help you keep it up-to-date through one of our managed hosting plans.

Now's the time to stand out, and boost your web presence, without the high upfront costs typically associated with web design. Expect a fresh new look, and a site your competitors will be jealous of, in a week or less. Expect to pay a few hundred bucks, not thousands. Expect to be impressed.

Ready to take action? Give us a call or contact us to see what we can do together.

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