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The Truth About SEO: Us Vs. Them

There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to SEO, and what it can and can't do for your business.

Our competitors would have you believe that they are the end-all-be-all for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They want you to believe that there's a "magic number" that must be paid to them, and if you pay it, up front mind you, it will deliver better results than an ongoing, comprehensive service that actually tracks your progress over time (instead of leaving you to fend for yourself).

They talk about elusive SEO strategies, when they have none. And try to keep a veil of secrecy around what SEO is in the first place (it's really not such a mystery!). We thought we'd answer all that noise and share with you what actually goes into optimizing a website, the process involved, and what you should expect.

Is SEO Labor Intensive?

Yes, it's true, SEO is very labor intensive, as it takes a lot of time and effort to create new content, optimize existing content, come up with a keyword strategy and implement it, etc.— and it takes a lot of time to show up in the rankings, especially if you're taking the honest road, and not resorting to "black hat" SEO techniques that will ultimately get you banned on Google. Keyword spamming, and backlink flooding, are "good" SEO techniques in the short run— that is, if you don't ultimately care about the future of that website. Think of it as a crash diet for your website! What these shady companies won't tell you, is that Google will ban those using "black hat" techniques, and penalize those who consistently fill their website with too many keywords.

Demystifying Cost

What is a good SEO budget? Some of our competitors talk about charging $100-$150 an hour, for SEO that "works". They will tell you, in a patronizing way, that your SEO budget should range from 2% to 10% of your total sales! Oh my! While this arbitrary figure may sound good (and it certainly is good for them!), the truth is that there is no such rule. You do not need to spend 10% of your revenue to optimize your website, or any other percentage. Instead, you should spend an amount that is adequate for what you're hoping to achieve, and be realistic with your expectations. Always remember that SEO should be thought of as a slice of your online marketing strategy, not the whole pie!

No Quick Results

Others will tell you that SEO can be had as a "one-time" service for a hefty upfront fee. This is not true. SEO takes time to work and may take a while to produce meaningful results. This is in part because you're competing with established websites, many of which have been around for over a decade, and are also being optimized. We don't promise rankings, or quick results, and you shouldn't believe anyone that tries to tell you otherwise. If it smells like baloney, it probably is.

Here's a little bit more about our SEO process, and what you can expect from us:

1) Rankings Monitoring

A good SEO program is built on a foundation of awareness; knowing how your site ranks organically under each search term allows us to develop a plan of action, and optimize your content accordingly. Throughout the time that we're optimizing your site, whether it's a few months or years, you will be made aware of your progress through our proprietary rankings report that we send to you each month. Our team understands how rankings fluctuate and change overtime, and they understand the outdoor industry— it's how you know we're qualified for the job!

2) Content Optimization

When we optimize your content, we do so only after carefully researching your keywords, your competitors' keywords, and only after we've developed a plan of action. Our knowledge is based on years of experience concentrated on optimizing websites and promoting outdoor businesses. We have seen websites succeed and grow overtime, and we know how to get you there, if you're willing to put in the time. In the end, it comes down to working smart and perseverance; your content needs to be in line with how you're being searched, your phrasing needs to change to match evolving search patterns, and you need to keep adding quality content to your site. If your website doesn't have relevant meta tags, you're missing out on potential rankings and traffic.

3) Expert Recommendations

From time to time, we will make expert recommendations to make sure your website stays on track. These recommendations may include the addition of pages, content, social media and blog posts. Our recommendations aren't just about you making a financial commitment— many things can be done on your end, with a little devotion and our expert insight.

Beware of companies claiming to be able to give you first page placement overnight, or in contrast, that you shouldn't expect anything at all. With us, you can expect know-how, dedication, and monthly analysis that will give you the insight you need to take control of your online marketing strategy. In the end, we think it's up to you to decide how much you want to invest and when— we are always ready to take your website to the next level, and we know it can be done. Go with a web company that shares your passion for the outdoors. We're the original outdoor web solutions company, and we continue to stay ahead of the trends. Let us show you what your website can do for you!

Our SEO service, OutSEO, is a great way to keep up with your rankings, and grow your traffic. It's what you need to make informed decisions and boost your marketing response. Because if you're not sure what's going on with your rankings, you're probably missing out— and with Google, you're either rising or falling, so you might as well rise.

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