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Let's Make It a Great New Year!

Although much too soon, it looks like another year is quickly coming to a close. Given this, we thought we'd put together a little update for our clients (and clients-to-be).

As you may know by now, we've always had big plans at Hunter Connect. That's because when we started this journey (back in 2008), we were like overly-eager scouts at base camp, who couldn't wait to head out into the mountains. It just looked like too much fun to pass up.

You see, we're a web design company with an identity, with soul; building truly custom websites for outdoor businesses and providing remarkable solutions that others can only manage to copy (and not very well). Over the years we've grown, evolved, and although many aspects of our business have changed, we've remained committed to our clients, and to the goals that made us who we are in the first place.

This year was no different, as the team worked tirelessly to:
1) Upgrade many of our servers.
2) Re-imagine the Managed Hosting experience (now featuring unmonitored bandwidth and storage).
3) Introduce OutBackup, an all-new backup solution for your website!

All this and more, but we're just getting started.

These are exciting times at Hunter Connect, and we've got plenty of goodies in store for the new year. Moreover, while the competition may continue to shamelessly "borrow" from us, we've got a few new ideas that should keep them busy.

Join us at the top, let's make it a great new year!

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