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Keep Potential Clients Coming Back

It doesn't matter whether you're a fishing guide, hunting outfitter, or horse breeder, your website is only effective if it can grab the attention of potential clients and keep them interested in your services.

If we're currently hosting your website through one of our unique website maintenance service plans, you probably already know that updating your site's content often, in addition to keeping a blog or news page, is a great way to generate interest and ensure those who are thinking of booking your services keep checking you out from time to time.

Maintaining a blog is not always easy though, as clients tell us that they often have a hard time coming up with new ideas to write about, so we've decided to put together a list of topics you might like to try next time you're at the computer.

1) Write about your most recent fishing/hunting trip

This might not seem like it would make for a jaw-dropping blog entry, but potential clients will find it interesting, since they can get a glimpse into what it's like to go on a trip with you and what to expect. Try to include some pictures and don't be afraid to go into detail. If things didn't go as planned write about that too, honesty can help you build some rapport with potential clients.

2) Put together an easy to follow step-by-step guide

If you're a bass fishing guide, you could write a step-by-step tutorial on how to clean and gut a fish, while giving the reader personal insight into how you typically do it, as well as some tips they wouldn't find elsewhere. You could even give out one of your favorite recipes and encourage readers to leave a comment once they've tried it.

3) Give readers something to look forward to

If you have something coming up, an event or outing that may be of interest to potential clients, write about when it will take place and that you'll be back with some pictures to show off. An example of this could be of a hunting guide whose deer season has just wrapped up and will be heading off to do some shed hunting for antlers with a few friends. He could let readers know when the trip will take place and that he'll post some of their findings in the next few days. That may be enough to keep readers coming back for a while.

4) Describe why you're the best choice

Why shouldn't you write about how awesome you are at what you do? After all it is your blog, and those who are reading it are most likely interested in your company and services, so in this case it would be ok to brag! You could even blog about specifics that set you apart from the competition and make your operation unique. For instance, if you run a guest ranch in Montana, you could post various wildlife and scenery pictures of your property and list some of the activities that are available to guests.

5) Weather safety tips, anyone?

It may seem like an obvious one, but since you own an outdoor-based operation, potential clients may want to know what the weather has been like in your area recently, and what they should wear/bring on their trip. Remember to try and go into some detail and give your entry some flair. You don't need to sound like your local weather guy, but it wouldn't hurt to make it fun.

We hope this has inspired some ideas for your next blog post; don't forget to stop by again next week for more tips on how to keep potential clients coming back to your site (see what we just did there?).

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