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outdoor seoDid you know that on average, a prospective client will visit a particular website anywhere from 2 to 5 times before finally making a reservation? It's true, and it's the reason most visitors never end up contacting you (unless they happen to bookmark your site and decide to come back at a later time). Fortunately, there's an easy and proven way for outdoor businesses to stay in touch with potential clients, and keep reminding them of their services often.

Enter Twitter and Facebook, undisputed kings of the internet phenomenon collectively known as "social media", and a consistent, un-intrusive approach to staying in touch with your target audience. When used properly, Twitter and Facebook can be a great asset for your website and overall business strategy. They provide a personalized platform with which to connect directly with potential customers, and promote the services they're already interested in.

When you sign up for our OutSocial service, we'll take the hassle out of keeping up with your followers, and do it for you.

OutSocial is an add-on service made available exclusively to Managed Hosting clients. It's a complete social media marketing solution, to help keep your Twitter and Facebook pages updated frequently, and grow your audience overtime.

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OutSocial is priced at just $99/month, as an add-on to any of our hosting plans.

Twitter Management
Facebook Management
New followers each month
Monthly Posts Up to 4
Plan Rate $99/month

OutSocial Breakdown

Twitter Updates
Facebook Updates
More Followers
More Exposure

Managed Hosting

Hunter Connect offers an unparalleled web hosting and maintenance experience known as Managed Hosting. In order to better meet individual hosting requirements, our unique service is available in three separate configurations; Basecamp, Mountainside, and Mountaintop. These plans come standard with 30MIN of website maintenance each month. Clients may use this time to update their website, and for general troubleshooting requests. [Read More]

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Hunter Connect offers unmatched web design and hosting solutions for outdoor companies. We exist to provide a complete start-to-finish outdoor web experience; an experience fueled by listening to our clients' needs, and our ongoing effort to meet them more effectively. [Read More]

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