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Considering SEO?

outdoor seoWith an estimated 2.5 billion worldwide internet users and counting, it's no surprise to hear that more and more outdoor business owners are generating the bulk of their income through their site. This is why having a properly optimized website is no longer an option, it is necessary to stay competitive.

With our unique and revolutionary search engine optimization approach, OutSEO, you'll be able to gradually increase web traffic and impact your bottom line overtime.

OutSEO is an add-on service made available exclusively to Managed Hosting clients. The idea is to increase your website rankings on major search engines and help deliver more potential clients to your homepage. We're able to do this by using proven search engine optimization techniques, and combining these with ongoing keyword research and traffic monitoring.

How It All Works

First, we'll analyze your website and review existing traffic statistics (if any are available). Once we've gotten to know your site, we'll make precise changes to your content, meta tags, and navigation menu. These changes will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site, which in turn will enable your website to achieve higher placement and see an increase in traffic overtime.

Next, we'll begin monitoring traffic and making slight keyword adjustments as needed (to make sure our strategy remains effective). Whenever any wording is changed or updated on your end, our team will once again make adjustments in order to keep the site well optimized. In the long run, we expect your overall traffic and rankings to begin to gradually improve as we continue to monitor and work on your site.

In addition to adding high-value keywords and monitoring your traffic, we will provide a monthly SEO report on up to 10 keywords (search terms) for which the site is being optimized. These reports will be automatically emailed to you and made available through our website.

Keep in mind that results may vary and your inquiries will probably not go through the roof overnight; that being said, we think that having an effective search engine optimization strategy, coupled with the frequent addition of unique and relevant content, is key to the success of any website in the long run.

In addition to considering this service, we strongly recommend that your website be kept frequently updated, so that the search engines continue to index it regularly. It is not enough to pay to optimize your website if no new content is being published at least once a month; we've written a great article on the importance of keeping websites updated and our thoughts on various optimization techniques.

Getting Started

OutSEO starts at just $149/month, as an add-on to any of our hosting plans.

Up to 10 pages
Up to 25 pages
Keyword Implementation
Content Optimization -
Conversion Tracking -
Traffic Monitoring
SEO Reports 10 Keywords 15 Keywords
Phone Consulting -
Plan Rate $149/month $395/month


"These guys are by far the best hunting web design company we've worked with. These are the people to call when you're tired of wasting time and money. Their SEO service is a cut above. They consistently go out of their way to answer all my questions and keep me informed on the progress being made on my site. They even provide a monthly SEO report to help keep things in perspective. Hard to beat!"

- Brett Tilden
Loraine, IL.

"Out of all the people I've worked with in trying to make my business work and grow, you guys are the only ones that have taken the time to tell me what I need to do to make this happen (computer wise). From where I was when I first hired your company to where I am today, is a huge difference. It would not have happened if it had not been for you. Thank you!"

- Geneva Ruth Dawson
The Dalles, OR.

SEO & Monitoring

Ongoing Optimization
Keyword Analysis
Traffic Monitoring
SEO Reports

Managed Hosting

Hunter Connect offers an unparalleled web hosting and maintenance experience known as Managed Hosting. In order to better meet individual hosting requirements, our unique service is available in three separate configurations; Basecamp, Mountainside, and Mountaintop. These plans come standard with 30MIN of website maintenance each month. Clients may use this time to update their website, and for general troubleshooting requests. [Read More]

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