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Whether you're looking for a complete web hosting and maintenance solution, or just a hassle-free hosting experience, we've got the perfect Managed Hosting plan for you.

Hosting Plans

Our service is available in three separate configurations; Basecamp, Mountainside, and Mountaintop.

Mountainside and Mountaintop, our higher tier plans, come with 30MIN/month of website maintenance for those seasonal updates and small changes.

Basecamp, our starter plan, includes limited web support (such as troubleshooting), but no maintenance.

Managed Hosting is sold as a subscription service.

BasecampMost PopularMountainsideMountaintop
Website MaintenanceUp to 30MIN/monthBasic updates & small changes -
Email AccountsAdd'l accounts: $15/mo/ea - 1 3
MySQL DatabasesRequired for WordPress - 1 5
OutBackupDaily Website Backup Service - -
SSL EncryptionCertificate not included - -
Plan Rate $25/month $39/month $75/month

*Unmonitored means that as a general rule, we do not impose a hard limit on storage and bandwidth. We reserve the right to restrict individual clients whose usage of these resources is believed to be excessive or wasteful.

Basecamp Managed Hosting

An entry-level, DIY hosting plan.

Clients who require website maintenance and or an email account should choose one of the higher tier plans (below).

Mountainside Managed HostingMost Popular

Our most popular offering, and the ideal hosting solution for mid-size websites.

Includes: (1) email account, (1) MySQL database, and website maintenance (up to 30MIN/month).

Clients who require multiple email accounts should choose Mountaintop instead.

Mountaintop Managed Hosting

The right choice for larger websites and clients.

Includes: (3) email accounts, (5) MySQL databases, SSL encryption, and website maintenance (up to 30MIN/month).

Mountaintop also features OutBackup, our exclusive website backup and restoration service.


"Just wanted to thank you guys for the great work and support you have given us over the years. I have [received] many comments on how good our web site looks and complementing the rich color of all the hunting areas. We have had a record year this season which will close at the end of this month. Thanks to you and your staff for all you have done for us!"

- Ron "RJ" Allen
North Carolina, USA.

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Hunter Connect offers unmatched web design and hosting solutions for outdoor companies. We exist to provide a complete start-to-finish outdoor web experience; an experience fueled by listening to our clients' needs, and our ongoing effort to meet them more effectively. [Read More]

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